Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chutzpah alone is not enough to rule

President Trump abandoned the people who elected him, and we are seeing now that chutzpah alone is not enough to rule. I wish it was Trump's abandonment of populist-nationalism which made the left and the right go after Trump to bring him down, but it is only the same financial, academic and media elite of both the left and right who are bringing Trump down, and they promote globalism, multiculturalism, and open immigration. And this is happening even though Trump has flipped and  joined the globalist dream.

Questions: Given the abandonment, will the populist-nationalism movement become weaker, will it become stronger, will fascist elements left or right decide that democracy can't save the West, will America continue to be led by cunning but stupid globalists until it falls apart under its own corruption, will the rise of America and the West come before or after complete collapse?

In any case, I hold to the path of the legal American constitutional separation of powers and states amended to include an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, with federalism and subsidiarity. Come what may, that is the healthiest possible future for an overpopulated America and the West, given that real human nature remains kin-centered, ethnocentric and group-selecting...What happens to an egocentric president is less important.

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