Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Vulgar salesmanship, brinkmanship, and chutzpah, not madness

Both Joe Scarborough ("Morning Joe") and President Trump are vulgar salesmen interested in popularity ratings. But Joe and Mika  suggested this morning that Trump may be insane.

Joe Scarborough flip-flopped from applauding President Trump during Trump's run to the White House to seriously suggesting that Trump may be insane. But Joe's ratings-directed flip-flop was not as damaging to the country as was Trump's flip from an economic nationalist to a neoconservative globalist.

What might be called insane is the political correctness of cultural Marxism, and Big Business, which have corrupted the whole world. But even that was crazy like a fox. It was a sinister grab for power by a very few over the many.

Populist-nationalism can't even count on the Trump's cabinet, the Generals too are globalist.

What we have is vulgar salesmanship, brinkmanship, chutzpah, with human beings and the planet on the edge.

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