Thursday, October 27, 2016

"With whom does the left not sympathize, besides American citizens?"

The quote above (Aaron D. Wolf, "Chronicles" Nov. 2016) indicates a serious philosophical and political illness on the left. It really is difficult to believe that humans could be so suicidal and gullible, but the quote is true. How could such a transvaluation of healthy values be possible?

Other than a few paleoconservatives and ethnic realists the only citizens who have escaped this illness are poor dispossessed white citizens who were not included in the academic world, at least not beyond high school. They also somehow managed not to be brainwashed by the Big Media which is controlled by the left.

So the future health of the country now depends on the voting actions of poor dispossessed white citizens who have been left out of the culture of the country. Many of them don't bother to vote... Will they vote this time? Donald Trump at least says many of the words they want to hear, which is more than Hillary does.

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