Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is divine in man?

To the religious gurus I ask, do not gaze down at man, head tilted with condescending patience and disappointment at man seeking to live, survive, reproduce and evolve. Do not smile with presumptuous compassion. Most religious and philosophical ideals have no existence apart from definition. There is little behind the religious and philosophical veil but words.

The hatred of materialism by the gurus has been mainly motivated by the goal of experiencing the God or Father Within, which required a blocking or cessation of material desires. That alone is a hedonistic goal and not enough. Real evolving life seeks real Godhood by way of the very drives that the gurus hate. The Twofold Path in theological materialism conservatively retains that first hedonistic glimpse of God but transforms it in the Outward Path of evolution toward real Godhood.

The fundamental and sacred orientation of life is activated from within material life toward evolving to Godhood in the material world, working along with whatever outside environment that evolution brings in the selection process.

What is divine in man is the activating Will or Spirit-Will, which is material, and activates material life toward evolving toward supermaterial Godhood. This is what drives life toward real truth, beauty, and goodness and not merely a non-material definition of these things or merely a blissful inward experience of the God Within. Life seeks to become these things as living objects with Godhood as the zenith of evolution.

Just because materialism has little direction today by man does not mean that materialism is evil and needs to be blocked in a Great Spiritual Blockade. Materialism can be aligned toward evolving to Godhood. This is what can revive religion, philosophy and science, and the cultures and civilizations that rise from these things.

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