Saturday, October 22, 2016

How far will the counterbalancing toward populism and nationalism go?

This movement has been happening all over the Western world. The corrupt Big Media, the democrats and the neocons, including the Republican Party, are very much against this realignment taking place.

If the populists and nationalists are snuffed out this election season does that mean its all over for America and the West? Will it mean the continuing corruption and decline of America, resembling the slow fall of the Roman Empire?

Or could there eventually be some kind of nationalist military/police coup, or a military coup to establish order on the side of the Democrats and neocons? Could it mean violent radical revolution followed by street gangs picking up the pieces, until some sort of totalitarianism, right or left, is established? Or would traditional small and highly protected ethnostates be rehabilitated like outposts in the chaos?

Who can we blame for this great social and political mess? I suppose it is the will to power of greedy and short-term thinking human beings...Is that not how it has always been?...Is there any room for optimism within this balancing and counterbalancing?

Conservatives like Russell Kirk have convinced me that "men cannot improve a society by setting it on fire: they must seek out its old virtues and bring them back into the light." Radical revolution is not advocated for this counterbalancing. What is advocated is the legal transformation of the constitutional separation of powers and states, which already exist, toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, finally in harmony with real human nature. In every human culture ever studied human nature has included, kin-selection preferences, localism, and above all ethnocentrism.

But the deepest reason for optimism is the activating will within life to evolve toward Godhood in the material and supermaterial world, which now and always has been stronger than any other drive in the cosmos. Evolving life survives.


  1. Do you actually believe the people currently running our society will ever agree to reverse the last 60 years of social policy let alone support something like 'Ethnostates'?

  2. Our current ruling elites obviously profit from the status quo and have no incentive to make radical changes that our necessary to save our nation, people, and civilization.

    1. Thanks for your comment,

      In today's blog entry I mentioned the various scenarios that may take place, and that powers like the Big Media will need to be first stripped of their monopolies and their power, which will not be easy. Things will probably have to get worse before these changes can take place. What gives me hope is the natural inclination toward group-selection which is deeply within human nature and moves people toward ethnostates, eventually.


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