Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is it foolish to insist on human differences?

The power needs to be given back to the regions and states

Even asking the question in the title shows the stupidity of modern liberalism. We cannot let those who have brainwashed us destroy us.

If we are to have whatever peace and harmony is possible between discordantly different groups we require different territorial places for them to live. This is simple basic common sense.

Human nature remains as it has always been: kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection.

The Big Media and the academic world have been the most effective at brainwashing and indoctrinating the people by insisting that there are no human differences and we must all melt together and get along even when we do not melt together or get along. It is they who have to be stripped of their monopolies and their power. The same devolution applies to Globalism in general which also pushes the same lies as a means to exploit the world.

The power needs to be given back to the regions and states. Political structures need to again reflect a separation of powers and states transformed or upgraded toward being an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, which reflect real human nature.

If we cannot do this then there may soon be no America, no Western people, and no Western world.  If we cannot do this legally, which is the sane and moral way to do it, then a people pushed to the edge of extinction will find another Lenin or Hitler to try to save them---and the Big Media and the academic world wouldn't enjoy that development.

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