Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The primary social force that cannot be mentioned

You can't explain social mobility only in terms of class, education or government regulations, social mobility needs to be examined in terms of IQ and personality differences, and yes, ethnic differences.

The ethnic identity and ethnocentrism of various elites should not be buried, it explains much about their behavior and the actions of politics and culture.

There is nothing wrong with ethnocentrism unless human nature is defined as wrong. What is wrong is a mono-ethnic or one-race ethnocentrism which blocks other ethnic groups from rising in the world---that is what is usually thought of as "racism."

The constitutional separations of powers and states which already exists, at least on paper, needs to add the natural separations of ethnic cultures, or an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, before we can be open about affirming real human nature and reach the moral high-ground.

Otherwise the civil disruptions we are increasingly seeing, due mainly to ethno/cultural competitions, will only increase and eventually erupt into civil war. 

Mentioning ethnocentrism is not defined as wrong because ethnocentrism is actually wrong, mentioning ethnocentrism it is considered wrong because it reveals truths about human social mobility and human sociobiology which the elites don't want revealed.

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