Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The burying of real human identity

"Class" does not supersede racial and ethnic identity as a social bond, human nature remains primarily kin-centered and group or ethnic-centered. There is a biological origin to basic social behavior, which originally created most of the laws of identity and social behavior.

In any case, classes are often ethnically defined. We know modern liberals won't admit any distinctions between human beings of any kind, be they class or ethnic distinctions. But why is this so hard to admit even for conservatives? (for example, see "Class and Identity" Chronicles, Oct. 2016)

I suppose it's that old conception of spiritualism in religion, like the ideologies of liberals that conservatives hate, which pulls conservatives away from a material explanation of human nature and human goals.

Theological materialism resolves this problem both in social philosophy and religion. We evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood, and our evolution requires knowing real human nature, which always moves toward the natural separations of ethnopluralism and ethnostates, after periods of the various types of imperialism, as history shows.

This is the way we exhume real human nature and real human identity, which modern liberalism and to a lesser extent modern conservatism continue to move away from or bury. This defines deep-conservatism.

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