Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Why conservatives can believe in mankind and the world

Men are capable of self-creation and self-perfection, or at least evolving in that direction. This view is generally missing in conservatism, mainly due to the traditional belief in a non-material spiritual God who orders the universe. Modern liberalism rejects this perspective and rejects religion largely for this reason. It need not be so.

I believe that life evolves in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. This requires a belief in the material world as the means to attain Godhood. This expression of  theological materialism can bring religion and man back into the world. Conservatives and traditionalists secede from reality when they replace materialism with spiritualism, which leads to other secessions from reality.

To experience the God or Father first seen inwardly required blocking all material desires, or blocking out the world, as advocated by Christ, Buddha and other great sages. But real Godhood is reached outwardly by way of material and supermaterial evolution in the world. This religious perspective conservatively retains the inward path but transform it in the outward path.

Bringing conservatism back into the world also means, for example, that conservatives should own the environmental movement which is now owned by modern liberalism. The land continues on even as people and governments change, and so supporting and caring for the land defines real tradition and should be a basic concern and cause.

Men are capable of self-creation, self-perfection, and men are capable of protecting the environment on earth and in the cosmos, or at least evolving in that direction. This worldview can save the earth, save people, and also save religion.

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