Friday, October 14, 2016

The Shadows of Objects (reblog from Oct 31 2011)

We never, in reality, move beyond the object. Religion and philosophy think that they can move beyond the material or supermaterial object, but they are creating false, non-object absolutes. They create Gods of non-objects and definitions, which are not Gods.

Absolutizing of rational categories (as Hegel did) and absolutizing of objects leads to the same thing: not non-material higher definitions, but supermaterial objects, with the Supreme Object or Being as the Supreme Absolute Object in all categories.

Rational and religious categories can define objects but the definitions will always be the shadows of objects. This means that Plato needs to be trans-valued: it is the mystical definitions that are the shadows, and it is the objects that are reality.

The consummation of intelligence is not the beatific vision All by itself outside a material body, it lives in the mind of the object having the vision. Godhood is the Absolute Mind in the Absolute Body and not merely a Mind. Godhood is not beyond form and structure, Godhood is Absolute Supermaterial Form and Structure. There is no need to put up a Great Spiritual Blockade against the material world if Godhood is seen as the Supermateriality that we evolve to from the material world.

Thought and being belong together, as St. Thomas seems to be saying, but the Being of St. Thomas is nevertheless the same non-material, non-object being as before, and the God of St. Thomas is not a Supreme Supermaterial Object. We are not able to fully conceptualize Godhood at this stage in our evolving intelligence but this does not mean that Godhood is therefore non-conceptualizable. It takes a God to accurately conceptualize a God, and when this is done it is a Mind conceptualizing within a Body, not a non-material body-less mind.

We need to abide strictly within material and supermaterial objects. This is the base of theological materialism.  The great allure of seeing or experiencing the virtual God Within of the Involutionary Inward Path---which we do affirm in the Twofold Path---must not put up a Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Real Godhood in the Evolutionary Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution.

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