Sunday, October 09, 2016

The next meaning of life, religion, and science

There can still be design and teleology without spiritualism, and there can still be Godhood and religion without spiritualism. I do not agree with Edward O. Wilson, one of my favorite scientists, when he says that religion and science should no longer try to overlap and only science is required to explain the meaning of life. ("The meaning of Life," Wilson).

Life has within it an activation which really best defines "life," an activating force (material or supermaterial) activating life always to live, survive, and reproduce---within an outside environment of selection in the world---but also always seeking to live and evolve toward ultimate success, which supposedly will bring virtually eternal success and virtually eternal representation for life, defined as Godhood. This is the real goal and meaning of life.

As to how it all began, how the cosmos began "in the first place," I see no reason to believe, no proof, that there ever was a beginning or end. Beginnings and ends are the product (or wish) of human understanding. I assume there was no beginning and will be no ending to life and evolution.

I see the rise of cyborgs and trans-humanism as somewhat of a suicidal movement preferring artificial life to real life, probably brought about by the loss of meaning and direction, due to the loss of religion. There is also the natural wills to power of the technoids who develop these things. This is not the future I see, although artificial intelligence can be an aid in the evolution of life. But the answer to this great downgrading of real evolving life is not to bring back the same religious, non-material, spiritual, explanations of life, meaning and direction. Men remain afraid of real biology, genetics and human evolution.
We can retain the Enlightenment unification of science and religion, while transforming both.

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