Monday, October 17, 2016

Is the future foreseeable?

Yes the future is foreseeable if we include real human nature in the prediction, many conservatives and most modern liberals do not. This is why both parties now look much the same in advocating globalism, open borders, and equality, which have little connection to real human nature.

What works for kin and ethnic groups does not work beyond them. Altruism, the behavior that benefits another supposedly at ones own expense, really advances those who are genetically related to the altruist, with the world far down on the preference list.

Religion attempted to expand this natural altruism beyond kin and ethnic group by denying real human nature and hypertrophying altruism to include the whole world, which did not work in stopping wars or halting group competition because it denied or covered up real human nature. Nietzsche thought this was the will to power of the priests.

This does not mean an end to traditional religion but it does mean a transformation of religion, as seen in theological materialism. And this does not mean an end to the constitutional separation of powers and states but does mean a transformation, as seen in an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

If we look for social and political structures which harmonize with real altruism and real human nature then an ethnopluralism of ethnostates rises to reality. Empires have always broken back down into natural ethnopluralism, often after doing much damage to human beings and the earth.

As the world gradually returns to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by some kind of federalism (not fascist feudalism), we will have to be vigilant because individual kin and ethnic groups will seek to dominate even ethnopluralism, because that is what human nature does.

If you want realist policy, this is realism.

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