Monday, October 31, 2016

Who are the criminals, who are the morons?

The political elite, the New World Order Financial System, opened up our national borders to allow free immigration to change the demographics of the country for voting purposes, and to lower the cost of labor, while destroying the middle class. And the Big Media championed this great scam against the people.

The "educated classes" believed the lies and propaganda of the political elite and the Big Media, but the "uneducated" classes did not believe the lies and propaganda. Talk about a transvaluation of values! Who are the criminals, who are the morons?

The academic world is corrupted from kindergarten to graduate school. Will we have to start all over again to fix our educational system? We can probably retain the traditional Great Books of the Western world which existed before cultural Marxism corrupted and conquered our humanities departments.

Oddly it is the so-called educated elites who cannot listen to reason because they have corrupted reasoning itself with postmodern philosophy. "The people" now reason better than the elites...Well, the elites had better hope the people are reasonable in their revenge....Donald Trump with all his earthiness may be better than they deserve.

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