Saturday, October 29, 2016

Humans really are the lying species rather than the wise species

Which liar do we prefer in the presidential race? Who lies less?

Lies are either meant to deceive others or are lies we tell to ourselves. Either way a good case could be made for calling humans the lying species rather than the wise species, or homo sapiens. Humans are very adept liars. Professorial actors are very good liars, as Marlon Brando once said.

One could reason that humans have survived because they are good liars and trickster. Elites have always been able to play more roles or tell more lies than non-elites who are often considered fools because they tell the truth, or are very bad liars, or can only play one dumb role.

Religions have been the means to bond groups together for more successful material survival and reproduction than groups that don't bond with religions. There exists a material will to power behind the "non-material" will-to-power-denying religions. The big lie of religion is the de-natured belief in a non-material God rather than a supermaterial Godhood. That is the big lie for which only theological materialism can save religion.

The lies go deep into religion, philosophy, politics. There are the lies against ethnocentrism promoted by ethnocentric groups. Lies against the military ethos promoted by groups that are protected by the military. Lies about universalism and equality promoted by fierce hierarchies. In philosophy the lie is the belief in abstractions over real objects.

Humans really are the lying species rather than the wise species.

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