Saturday, October 08, 2016

Defining deep conservatism

My idea of deep conservatism does not rule out a Jeffersonian/Jacksonian rebellion of the Donald Trump kind, back to the will of the people against the corrupt establishment. As Jefferson said, a little rebellion now and again can be a good thing. The excellent Clyde Wilson recently wrote that Jefferson was not speaking as a radical but as a reactionary.

To me moving back to the founding constitutional separation of powers and states could accommodate ethnopluralism, regions and states as ethnostates, within a protecting federalism, even if a few amendments were necessary.

No other social or political structure better harmonizes with real human nature, which remains as it has always been, very much kin-centered and group-centered, or ethnocentric in selection preferences, even if the political correctness of cultural Marxism has made the truth taboo.

This is the natural way to deal with unworkable and unassimilating multiculturalism, which attempts to jam different groups together in one spot where they then only compete and fight, often leading to civil disruptions and even civil war.

This defines deep conservatism.

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