Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When science joins religion

How much of the will of nature can we discern?

By using the term "will" of nature I have already lost the empirical scientists who see only randomness and goalless survival and reproduction, or a goalless will to power.

Science has to keep looking to satisfy Einstein's intuition about there being a lower level of structure in matter that causes the indeterminate quantum effects, which are not "spiritual."

I do not think the will, which I define as the Will-Spirit-To-Godhood is spiritual, so I think philosophical naturalism can be enlarged to include religion. The Will or Will-Spirit is a material or supermaterial activation within life, which defines the essence of life.

One celled things evolve to complex human beings, but life can continue evolving to more complex beings, all the way to Godhood, but a Godhood which is also material or supermaterial.

The activating Will-Spirit within life is not God, it activates life to evolve to Godhood. Science should be looking to discern this physical material force, then science can join religion.

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