Friday, October 14, 2016

Conservatives need to address sociobiological issues if they want to save the West

Even the paleoconservatives, the more realistic conservatives, are too fond of witty or scathing put-downs of modern liberalism, but they say and do virtually nothing else regarding the deepest reason for the decline of America and the West: neglect of the biological origin of social behavior. This subject has been declared politically incorrect and even taboo. The increasing social disruptions caused from the natural inability of distinctively different and therefore competing ethnic groups to"all get along" is not mentioned, yet alone a solution to the problem.

Conservatism gives a realistic account of human nature but falls down in not emphasizing the ethnocentric and even xenophobic nature of human beings, with group-selection having been the primary unit of successful selection since humans became human, followed by individual selection. It's time for conservatives to openly affirm and apply sociobiology.

The death of the West and Western people is not acceptable. That should be clear enough. If the Christian tradition is also involved in burying the subject of sociobiology due to a universal view of human equality, then it too needs an upgrade (see theological materialism). Conservatives (or liberals) in America need not worry about radical revolution in affirming a sociobiological understanding of human nature. The constitutional separation of powers and states can accommodate real human nature within an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, perhaps with only a few amendments.

I think this will naturally happen given human nature, eventually, but it would be better to do it before complete collapse.

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