Friday, May 31, 2019

The loss of religious sacralization and how to get it back without spiritualism

If we take the word “metastasis,” the spread of something, like a disease, from an initial site to a different or secondary site, and apply it to the split between the material and the spiritual, we can see the numerous problems this led to, not the least of which was, ironically and tragically, the decline of religion.

The liberals and progressives more or less rejected religion mainly because science could find no trace of the spiritual or a spiritual God. And they were right! But they were wrong to reject religion and God.

Rather than killing religion and God we should have gone back to the point of the metastasis and rejected the the split between the material and the spiritual. There is no non-material God but we can reach ascending levels of supermaterial Godhood. Real Godhood is reached by material evolution, and not by the symbolic experience of god reached in the ascetic practices of the traditional religions.

We needed to transform religion and God, not kill them. That was the real conservative project missed by the conservatives, and missed by Nietzsche, the abused father of postmodernism, who affirmed only new values created by individual supermen. Having no religion and no God modern men lost the sacralization of their morals, values, cultures, long-term goals, and even their survival.

How to get it back? The philosophy of theological materialism begins the process.

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