Wednesday, May 22, 2019

It is really the Left that is stupid and vulgar not Trump or Trump supporters

The Left has a stupid way of judging President Trump: modern democrats and the Left judge what is superior almost solely by "politically correctness,” that is, by the cultural Marxism they were taught in corrupted schools that Trump didn't attend.

People tend to think the ends, the goals that one seeks to achieve, are seen or foretold in the means to that goal. There is snobbery involved in the hatred of Trump because Trump's manner and way of talking don't conform to politically correctness; President Trump is often coarse and arrogant in his behavior, or in his means, and the Left think the ends that Trump has in mind must therefore also be vulgar, that is, economic nationalism, bringing manufacturing and jobs back to America, protecting our borders etc, must be vulgar.

The problem for the Left is that most of the people who live between the coasts think and act like Trump, and vote for Trump, which is often defined as populism or populist nationalism. In other words the people either have not been corrupted by the corrupted schools and the corrupted Media, or they just don't buy the lies of politically correctness and cultural Marxism preached in our schools and in the Media.

It is really the Left that is stupid and vulgar, not Trump or Trump supporters.

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