Saturday, May 18, 2019

Our moral beliefs certainly rest on a natural foundation

We are only marginally free, we have free choices within determined paths.

Nature is where all the action comes from, and human nature is part of nature. We are not free of nature, why would we want to be?

It is nature itself that brings men to say that we are free or can be free of nature, which is consciously or unconsciously a lie caused by the natural will to power of men.

Religion and philosophy don't exist without thinking, but thinking doesn't exist without nature.

Our moral beliefs certainly rest on a natural foundation, “spiritual” foundations come from the natural foundation of human nature, and to deny it is foolish or cowardly.

Nature is the arbiter of truth, and Christianity and other religions are a product of nature.

Rights” derive from evolving nature not from Gods or religions. Gods, rights, and religions derive from evolving nature.

Evolution creates the process of history, history does not create evolution. Darwin is a better guide to history than Hegel.

You have heard that “only a God can save us,” but only becoming in harmony with our natural material evolution to supermaterial Godhood can save us.

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