Saturday, May 25, 2019

The destruction of young actresses by Hollywood and cultural Marxism

Hollywood and Show Biz are characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure and luxury, which defines decadence. Combine that with the Media and the schools promoting cultural Marxism and we see the causes of the gradual destruction of Hollywood actors and actresses, who most young people emulate. Let's take a look at a few young women in Show Biz.

First there is the trend of young actresses deciding to be gay or bisexual. A few years ago that included Lindsay Lohan---along with her excessive indulgence in drugs. Then there was Ellen Page, Kirsten Stewart, and the internet phenom Alexis Zall. Before that there was comedian Ellen DeGeneres and her actress girlfriend or wife, and Jodie Foster before that. Most of the newly minted lesbians quickly lost their healthy looks and became pale and drawn, as if the life was sucked out if them. Ellen Page now looks seriously ill, and Alexis Zall went from a lively healthy girl to a pale little thing with dark circles under her eyes. Lindsay Lohan never really recovered. Kristen Stewart at least has become a talented actress, but she usually looks and dresses like a homeless person. More recently redhead Bella Thorn has put a ring through her nose and usually looks like she has gone without sleep for a week, though I don't know if she has declared herself bisexual yet or not. I suppose we will have to see the “Stranger Things” phenom Millie Bobby Brown follow the same sort of road.

But then we have those young actresses who seem to have escaped the drugs and the decadence, like Emma Watson---although she does follow the trend of having a long string of sexual partners. Watson went to good colleges but was there brainwashed in the whole charade of radical feminism. I doubt if she had one course in the biological origin of social behavior, and if she did it was probably portrayed only as patriarchal crime. The reality of the biology of real human nature utterly destroys the claims of radical feminism, but no one reads them or teaches them.

I won't go into the number of young men destroyed by Hollywood and Show Biz, I feel more angry and protective about the destruction of young women. But nothing much is being done about it. Measures to protect young people from Hollywood and Show Biz are seen as only hateful...Well, to quote the degenerate Bob Dylan, “a hard rain is going to fall.”

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