Friday, May 24, 2019

Brilliant degeneracy

" The question is to what extent is judgment life-promoting, life-preserving, species preserving, perhaps species cultivating." (Nietzsche, BGE)

I call them brilliant degenerates, ten percent or so of modern artists and writers, including film makers, who are seductive, full of flash and wit, and yet are still subtle, not heavy handed. They use their brilliant degeneracy to sell values and morals that are, well, degenerate.

As I've written here before, libertarianism among businessmen shares some of the blame for the brilliant degeneracy of modern art. Concentrating almost exclusively on making a god of individualism and the freedom to make money came back to bite them when the Hollywood moguls and leftist publishers and producers of New York and Los Angeles, as well as the academic world, exploited American freedom and deformed a formerly traditional conservative culture to fit their leftist cultural agendas. The Hollywood moguls and leftist publishers found that they could personally make big money but also change culture in a culturally Marxist direction. They marched through the institutions and they won the cultural war. It was brilliant. Burke and Kirk's "moral imagination" among artists now is applied only to the political correctness of cultural Marxism.

At its essence brilliant degeneracy is the will to power of those who do not know or want to escape or block real human nature and the values that implies. And so they brilliantly attack tradition and traditional human nature derived from the biological origin of social behavior. Healthy uncorrupted artists would do the opposite and critique the brilliant degenerates with subtlety and wit. Healthy uncorrupted artists know that real tradition and conservatism believes in change and progress but only while retaining the best of the past.

I guess the counter-march through the institutions has to begin with the first steps. So where are the marchers? Perhaps some of those libertarian conservative businessmen who were hoodwinked by making a god of individualism and money will finance the recovery of the arts---there is even money to be made in it. That could help redeem them and redeem the time.

Western people seem too depressed to breed or maintain their cultures anymore, as we see reported almost daily and gleefully in the demographic statistics of the Big Corrupt Media. Western people now see and hear post-modern culture created by loud and angry people who usually do not share their same genetic or cultural traits. The hard reality is, as the people change the culture changes. Conserving Western culture means conserving Western people.

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