Saturday, May 18, 2019

The driving intention of evolution

Natural selection is a law of nature, the Darwinists’ “invisible factor.” As a selector, natural selection has a driving intention. And that driving intention can eventually lead to the evolution of the highest or greatest success of natural selection in survival and reproduction, which can be defined as Godhood.

Then when we ask the question what drives that intention behind the natural selection of life, you see that there is an activation to that driving intention. I think that activation, which I call Tirips, is a material activation, not spiritual, and it best and most deeply defines “life” itself, however the chemistry involved is labeled---and it also brings long term sacred purpose and goals to material evolution.

That explains the deep phenomena of evolution and religion; I personally believe it is true and make it the basis for the future religion portrayed in the philosophy of theological materialism.

Science and religion don't yet approve of this philosophy, but I do. It could bring the two long time opponents, religion and philosophy, back together again, and aid in our sacred evolution.

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