Thursday, May 30, 2019

Basic intentions, motives, and views of theological materialism

When survival and reproduction breaks down then human nature, being constant, develops better versions of order and stability usually revising the old order. Revising the old order works best when it retains the best of the past even as it changes, which defines conservatism.

Civilization has sought order and stability because order and stability work best in survival and reproductive success. So human beings develop religions and political philosophies to make order and stability sacred.

Human nature has been constant in human history, but biology has been more constant in evolving human nature in the first place. The same problems keep coming up throughout human history because human nature and nature itself are basically constant.

We are at the stage or point in time when the West needs to revise its old order. Religions and political philosophy need to move deeper into the biology of social behavior. The old gods and the old political philosophies can be retained but biologized.

Theological materialism declares that religion and science can aid life in evolving toward ever-ascending levels of Godhood, and political philosophy needs to reflect that revision. The old inward God experienced by the ascetics from blocking material desires can be retained in the Inward Path but transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood.

In place of the multicultural multi-ethnic states, which competing groups are making wastelands, we need to form ethnostates. For example, the U.S. Constitutional separation of powers and states can be legally strengthened or amended if need be.

All ethnic groups and races, left and right, can affirm basic kin and ethnic-centered human nature and the sacred drive within life to evolve toward Godhood, while adapting to the ups and owns of the outside environment.

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