Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Real solutions to social cohesion are taboo

Neither decentralization or centralization will lead to real or long term social cohesion if the population is not homogeneous, that is, of the same general ethnic group. No amount of political or economic planning will change this reality. Having the goal for flourishing individuals and society be only profits, property rights, and individualism (libertarianism), or equality (socialism/communism) is not enough to lead to social cohesion.

Human life is involved in the war of ideas---80 million people died in the Soviet system. But the political correctness of cultural Marxism in the Media and in our schools will not hesitate to ruin the lives or careers of any academic, intellectual, businessman, politician, or artist who dares to suggest that real long term social cohesion works best in ethnically homogeneous societies. The problem with too many of these people is that when they feel their personal power threatened by the truth they will attack, bury, or just be unable to face the truth.

If they really desire flourishing individuals and society and social cohesion they could start by getting off their knees and clearing their heads with the science of sociobiology and the biological foundation of social behavior, and then work out their dissertations or economic, political, cultural programs from there...Ethnostates might then follow.

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