Monday, May 06, 2019

Comparing evolution with cultural Marxism and traditional conservatism

It's not that the Mass Media can't distinguish between freedom and license, they support license or revolt in their desire to dissolve and destroy traditional America, although of course they never openly admit it.

The cry of liberty, equality, and fraternity of the French Revolution like the cry of the Mass Media today only works in regions and states with ethnically homogeneous people, and even then it is difficult since virtually nothing is equal. It is really a cry of the will to power of the promoters. Even Edmund Burke, whose writings probably kept the French Revolution from destroying England, did not emphasize enough the importance of ethnic homogeneity in retaining social order.

The problem when comparing the cultural Marxists with traditional conservatives is that conservatives are too skeptical of evolution and change, and cultural Marxists are too skeptical of tradition and order.

The biological origin of our social behavior actually ends the intellectual defense of postmodern relativism and the cultural Marxist ideologues. But it also takes some of the virtue-signaling away from conservatives. Group-selection, altruism, and conservatism have favored genetically related groups over more distantly related groups. There is a natural continuum of altruism, concern for the world comes after concern for ones own land and people. 

Change is as important as tradition and order but conservatives emphasize tradition and order over change. Charles Darwin and evolution had not yet had their impact on men's minds in Burke's time---and still haven't, for the most part, 137 years since Darwin died. 

This strongly suggests that real human nature leads naturally to the cultural expression of regionalism, localism, and an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by some sort of federalism. Given who we are this appears to be the best way we can optimize the gene expression we inherited from our human ancestors not to mention the best way to survive and prosper.

Then to ground this worldview as deeply as possible we need a religious philosophy to express the material evolution of life to supermaterial Godhood, as seen in the philosophy of theological materialism, with the cultural forms, bonding, traditions, and order which can enhance ongoing evolution for all of us. We can conservatively retain but transform the old inward God of the mind to the outward Godhood reached through ascending levels of material and supermaterial evolution.

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