Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Rising from dispossession?

Increasingly stripped of a real sense of identity whites are also losing their sense of place and time. Some of the blame for this dispossession goes to whites who did little or nothing to stop it, but most of the blame goes to the Mass Media and our schools who have played a bold and dirty game in the dispossession of white culture. It has become illegal, politically incorrect, or labeled “hate speech” for whites to object to being stripped of their identity. 

What is America doing about the dispossession of white culture? The Mass Media has recently given us three Black women as winners in the Miss USA, Miss Teen, and Miss America beauty contests. Yesterday at the decadent Met Gala, Pop star Lady Gaga entered in a pink dress, then publicly stripped to a black dress underneath, then another pink dress under that, and finally stripped to her underwear. Twitter was alive with the question “Who Left the Starbucks Coffee Cup” in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” And good old white boys drunkenly cheered on millionaire black athletes.

Is it over for whites? Offense usually beats defense in these social games. We can't blame other races and ethnic groups for exercising their own wills to power when every cell in the human body demands survival and reproductive success. This natural activation can be blocked, subverted, or it can be unknown to us, but it can't legitimately be intellectually or instinctively denied. Any existing social and cultural methods we try, including minority power organizations, as well as the academic brainwashing of postmodernism, come down to the natural drive to biologically and genetically advance ourselves, our kin,  related ethnic group, locality, and nation. So it's not over for whites, even though the Mass Media and our schools want it to be over.

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