Thursday, October 01, 2015

Defining beauty, truth and goodness biologically and superbiologically

I think beauty requires a biological or superbiological living definition, and not merely a moral or aesthetic definition. The zenith of beauty is this way defined as the zenith of material evolution, which is supermaterial Godhood. This is not a God merely of Ideas, and not a non-material God. Moral and aesthetic definitions only follow this living, material, evolutionary definition.

This turns Platonism, and traditional religion, back on its feet. The Sophist's who were disparaged by Plato were more right than Plato when they defined the beautiful as a beautiful girl, even though, like Plato, they did not take into account the material and supermaterial evolution of beauty toward real Godhood.

The Idea of beauty, truth and goodness is secondary to to the real, living, beautiful object, not the other way around. These values and virtues are only made real in relation to the living biological or superbiological object.

Truth and goodness also have to relate to the living biological or superbiological object and not merely the “universal” Idea of truth and goodness. Beauty might even be closer than truth and goodness to defining the "real," because beauty seems to be less abstract.

Life creates beauty and truth, good and evil. Life always begins again in the primal material, which is activated from within by the material or supermaterial Spirit-Will-To-Godhood seeking to activate life and itself, along with natural selection, to evolve toward the highest beauty, truth and goodness. Death and devolution, though constant, are not defined as good.
As we become conscious of our real human nature, within nature, and the biological foundation of beauty, truth and goodness, we can help life evolve toward Godhood. The now popular advancement or enhancement of artificial intelligence (AI) should be seen as only a tool of biological enhancement and not the goal. AI can even block biological human evolution, which at this time is not considered politically correct.

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