Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How progress need not be a dirty word

The centralization of state capitalism and state socialism are both unhealthy. The redistribution of wealth and the lifting of all boats is not real progress since they lead to the mess the West has made of its civilization, with its progress-as-consumption propagandized by the global capitalists. However, the answer to the ideology of progress-as-consumption is not to reject progress but to accept the steady biological evolution of man toward Godhood. That is progress affirmed by nature itself. So why doesn't the left and right accept this evolutionary view of progress? It seems mainly do the religious interpretation of flawed and fallen man---at least with conservatives.

I believe the traditional religious view of fallen man is a misinterpretation that exclusively features the God or Father Within rather than Godhood Without which is reached by material and supermaterial evolution. Experiencing the God Within has required the blocking or cessation of all material desires, as the religious founders instructed, and blocking material desires is not exactly life-affirming---it might even be considered hedonistic since experiencing the God Within exclusively in the Inward Path, without the Outward Path, can be individually blissful. The inward view also led to the idea of equality since material things were not considered important, and even sinful.

Godhood needs to be reinterpreted as the traditional Inward Path of asceticism transformed and realized in the Outward Path of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood. Both paths can be conservatively retained in the Twofold Path.

We can also retain “free enterprise,” which initially led to the highest standard of general living in human history, but our “standard of living” can now include steady progress in biological human evolution---eventually even beyond the earth---toward Godhood. This is how progress need not be a dirty word. Let our progress be voluntary, even as our biological evolution becomes our sacred foundation. Great civilizations need a sacred religious foundation, and with this reform, religion can be saved, while real progress can be continued.

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