Sunday, October 25, 2015

Regathering Reality

The “regathering of...diffused matter and spirit,” (Poe, Modern Age Summer 2015) was a poetic way of trying to end the duality. But Poe attempted to close duality by regathering matter alchemically into spirit, when reality is just the opposite. Ascetics have for centuries made the same metaphysical error.

Duality is ended by standing religious philosophy and much of philosophy in general back on its feet after viewing reality on its head for too many centuries; the world is suffering a permanent vertigo.

Nothing comes from nothing. The materiel world evolves to supermaterial Godhood, with many starts and stops along the way, within the natural world. This is the unblocking of the Great Spiritual Blockade to real Godhood.

What else can save religion, philosophy, conservatism, and life itself?

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