Monday, October 12, 2015

One Realm of Being Not Two

Plato promoted two realms of being, as religious thinkers more or less did before him, but this was a great spiritual blockade, blocking the material evolution of life to supermaterial Godhood for thousands of years. Theological materialism seeks to remedy this error.

We can retain God, or more precisely Godhood, but a Godhood transformed from the inward path to the outward path of material and supermaterial evolution. Plato's God, the Vedic God, the Judaic/Christian/Islamic God, were the first inward glimpses or experiences of real Godhood reached through outward material evolution.

The real world is material and the spiritual world only reflects it, not the other way around. Material science and philosophical naturalism made a largely successful attempt to unblock the great spiritual blockade, but science cut too deeply and removed the sacred goal of life itself, and rejected the sacred inward activation of our outward material evolution to Godhood. This sacred goal is recovered in theological materialism.

Reasonable faith and a naturalistic idealism can enter the scientific worldview. Even the quantum forces do not support the spiritual, as some have sought to do, they are material forces, yet to be fully understood. Contrary to the long-lasting false duality, there is one realm of being, not two, and it is a material/supermaterial, phenomenal realm, not a non-material, noumenal realm.

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