Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The value of things seen in theological materialism

The Platonic forms and Pauline values of “things not seen” has been greatly exaggerated in religion and philosophy. This is not saying that there are no vital things in the future which we cannot yet see or know, it is saying that things not seen have become almost the sole basis of existence and value in religion and philosophy---and in art also.

I emphasize the value of things seen in religion and philosophy, the value of the object rather than a definition or form. The zenith, the top priority in things is not a word, however sacred, and not a definition, but is the object, or objects, of materiel/supermaterial Godhood reached through material evolution.

Godhood at this time is, of course, unseen, but is not here understood as a non-material ideal, formula, word, or mere definition, but is a real living object or objects at the zenith of material evolution.

The greater reality here comes in the activation of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within life, which is material, and has a greater reality than other things in nature, while life interacts with nature and natural selection in evolution.

So the theory of theological materialism supplies a more grounded reality in the evolutionary solutions of existence and values over all. For example, science can enter religion and philosophy once again, and art can get back at least to an evolutionary realism, and material life need not be seen as ultimately fallen or sinful.

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