Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Can anything in postmodernism be retained?

The signifier might dominate over the signified but that does not make it reality, the postmodern world of words once again creates an unreal world and calls it reality. The way I put: words and definitions are secondary to the reality of the real objects defined---being and thought are not the same, even if Parmenides said so.

I turn the Vedic and Hindu sages (and their middle-eastern followers), and Plato, back on their feet from standing on their heads regarding reality and unreality. Nietzsche called this a transvaluation, but Godhood is retained in theological materialism as a living object, or objects, at the zenith of material and supermaterial evolution.

The God defined in the Inward Path as non-material with sacred words only is transformed in the Outward Path of natural and advanced evolution, which can lead to Godhood. Knowledge of God is transformed, not murdered.

Ultimate reality is bound by materialism and supermaterialism, which retains the scientific Enlightenment while here keeping Godhood. Old religion is newly grounded in sociobiology, with the deep conservatism of long-term evolution toward real Godhood.

Group-selection need not lead to authoritarianism, it leads to variety in ethnic cultures freely living within their own states, and protected by some version of federalism.

What is human? Freudian and Lacanian selfish individualism exists but is superseded in reality by the kin and group-selection of real human nature. Darwin's evolution is wrongly seen as only remorseless tooth and claw. Altruism in human nature developed the ethics of group-selection and social behavior, which is transformed in religion and political philosophy.

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