Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Sacred Cause Within and Without

“Reproduction is not something done to an organism: it is something the organism does.” (David Oderberg, quoted by William Carroll, Modern Age, Summer 2015)

The activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within life is also something the organism itself does. This is the cause within. Outside selection and evolution work along with this sacred inward activation.

The Spirit-Will within life is this way the central aspect of life. The Spirit-Will is mot merely a principle or form, it is a living material or supermaterial thing.

The abstract world is not false, but it is far secondary to the real world of objects which it only defines or abstracts.

Nominalism takes place in science as well as religion, where concepts, ideas, and words become a false reality, even a God.

In theological materialism the Spirit-Will does not ask for a non-empirical acceptance, as traditional religion does, of its spirit and soul. There will one day be an empirical confirmation of the material nature of the Spirit-Will.

Life as something other than matter does not exist, but the supermaterial exists, although it is not yet fully understood.

The meaning of life cannot be separated from the evolutionary flow of life. Dualism is here denied.

In the Twofold Path, the Soul is a special state of mind---a high point in the mind---where that Inward God or Father is experienced. The Soul is not the Spirit-Will, and not the animator of life. Religious and philosophical ascetics rid themselves of material desires to experience the inner God of the Soul. The Soul within the material mind in the Inward Path is where Plato's forms exist as concepts experienced, as only symbolic ideas of the real Godhood reached in the Outward Path of material evolution, activated by the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood.

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