Sunday, October 18, 2015

Basic epistemology in theological materialism

A---The world of objects is actually out there and real.

B---Our minds developed physiologically to perceive the real world, instigated by the need to survive and reproduce successfully.

C---People, animals, different life forms, perceive the real world at different levels in their varied minds. Even hallucinations can be seen as another, incomplete, way of perceiving the world.

D---As we evolve higher consciousness and higher intelligence we perceive the real world better and better with more accuracy.

E---At the level of Godhood, which is reached through material and supermaterial evolution in the natural world, life will evolve the highest level of perceiving the real world, and the highest level of the truth.

F---This suggests that idealism not based in real material objects which are evolved to in the natural world, as well as relativistic postmodern mere definitions, need to change, or fade away.

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