Friday, October 30, 2015

Restoring the Spirit-Will, the Soul, Religion, and Beauty in Theological Materialism

The Spirit-Will is almost immortal, I say “almost” because it is virtually a “self-moved mover.” Both the Spirit-Will and the Soul are material and require survival and reproduction to live on in succeeding generations.

If the activating Spirit-Will controls the material body well it may guide material life in evolving toward its destination of supermaterial Godhood, if not, both the Spirit-Will and the Soul may die. Life must interact with the natural forces of evolution, even with devolution and death, while it is seeking its sacred evolutionary goal. Our mission is to aid life in evolving toward Godhood.

The Soul is material, existing in the conscious mind, not unlike Plato's idea of the non-material Soul as the totality of the inner being. The Soul, or the highest consciousness, is applied in deeply apprehending religion or art. Unlike Plato's view, and the Hindu view, the Soul is not a non-material Idea or Form, it is the zenith of material consciousness, which can be applied to experiencing the God or Father Within, as well as the highest Beauty in religion and art, if the apprehender follows ascetic discipline, such as blocking material desires in the Inward Path. The Soul can apprehend the Spirit-Will at the zenith of the Soul, that is, at the zenith of human consciousness.

This seems to indicate that the activating Spirit-Will somehow has some sort of recollection or knowledge of Godhood. This is related to Beauty defined as the zenith of evolution, or Godhood---the Spirit-Will and the Soul see Beauty and Godhood as the highest consciousness.

Religion, philosophy, art, science, culture, politics, are superficial without including the sacred evolution of life toward Godhood.

In the Twofold Path, the Outward Path of the Spirit-Will is how life can reach its destination of supermaterial Godhood, which was first seen or experienced in the Inward Path, as the God or Father Within, at the highest consciousness of the Soul in traditional religions.  Now this is transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution, as described in theological materialism.

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