Friday, October 23, 2015

“Immanentizing the eschaton” is precisely how we attain real Godhood

Conservatism is the response of real human nature to change. Conservatism is not anti-modern, it is against radical social attempts to go against real human nature.

Group-selection is the central unit of selection in human behavior, and then secondarily individual selection largely creates the complicated push and pull of human behavior, which was recently reaffirmed by the great E. O. Wilson. 
This perspective on human nature helps explain why efforts to create universalism and human uniformity have not worked, even when radical force is applied. Religion has been used as a bonding agent in trying to develop universalism and uniformity, as well as political ideologies such as Marxism, Fascism or even global Capitalism.
“Progress” should not be a dirty word for conservatives. I think it is founded in the metaphysical error of defining God as non-material.
“Immanentizing the eschaton” is precisely how we attain real Godhood by way of material and supermaterial evolution, contrary to Eric Vogelin's poetic phrase of rejection. But this does not call for the universalism and uniformity of Marxism, Fascism and global Capitalism.
Conservatives do not have to reject the Enlightenment, or the idea of progress, but the sacred material evolution of life toward Godhood needs to be seen as the main definition of progress. Human nature may change, but only very gradually, progress happens by conservatively keeping the best of the past as we materially evolve toward supermaterial Godhood.
 In theological materialism and the Twofold Path, the Great Spiritual Blockade against our material evolution to supermaterial Godhood is unblocked. The internal God is retained but seen as the first experience of the Godhood actually externally reached in material evolution.
Politically and culturally I think this leads toward ethnopluralism, which harmonizes best with the central group-selection of human nature. That is, the separation of powers and states and ethnic cultures protected by some sort of federalism.
We can then all avail ourselves of future international research centers designed to help all states and ethnic cultures immanentize the eschaton, with the variety which evolution prefers best.

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