Saturday, September 07, 2019

Where does the blame lie for the degradation of Western art and culture? (from 2010)

Beyond the Conservative critique 

Blame can go all around yet those who see the degradation of Western art and culture as a “disease of faith” (T.S.Eliot etc.) are more right than they knew. Why? Because they blamed our degradation on the loss of faith without seeing that the faith itself played a big part in the degradation. 

Perennial Tradition from prehistory to the Revealed Religions began with the Great Spiritual Blockade of the material world, and it was this great error in the perennial foundation of spiritualism that gradually led to the degradation and virtual downfall of art and culture. 

By the time Nietzsche declared that God was dead, which greatly influenced all modern philosophers, religious influence was all but over. The fact that this great error of hating or at least blocking the material world was exploited by the enemies of Western culture was a secondary--although very damaging--occurrence. Non-Christian's followed their own natural wills to power in helping to kick down the rotting door. And the only alternative other intellectuals felt they had was atheism and Godless forms of materialism.

To bring back Western art and culture conservative's advocate going back to traditional values and images. They say: “True art is an appeal to our higher nature, an attempt to affirm that other kingdom in which moral and spiritual order prevails.” (Roger Scruton, “Beauty”) But it is that “other kingdom” that essentially hates the world, no matter how clever and pedantic the religious philosophers parse their arguments. The world they seek is beyond the material world. 

What I believe is needed to revive art and culture—and religion---is the theological materialism of the projected Theoevolutionary Church, which retains the Gods of our Fathers in the Twofold Path but transforms true Godhood into the Zenith of Material Evolution. With the Theoevolutionary Church, science can join religion, art can affirm biology, and materialism can strongly support religion. Affirming this may come slowly, one hopes not too slowly to save us.

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