Thursday, September 05, 2019

The transformation from the material to the spiritual took us away from sacred harmony with the real world

The conquering of old religions was accomplished by transforming them not destroying them, which relates to the better conservative attitude toward change. The strategy of "Christian reinterpretation" during the Christianization of pagan peoples included building churches on pagan temple sites.

Christianity and the other revealed religions believed that their sacred Masses and festivals involved getting in harmony with the real world by celebrating the non-material spiritual world, whereas although there was a spiritual strain in paganism the pagan's celebrated the real material world, the seasons, the trees, the rivers, the sun. The pagan-to-Christian transformation was a transformation from the material to a spiritual world, influenced by non-material asceticism.

Theological materialism believes that the transformation from the material to the spiritual was a transformation that took us away from sacred religious harmony with the real world---it was the opposite of getting in harmony with the real world---and therefore a transformation back to a sacred view of materialism is needed—not by destroying the spiritual inward path to God, which is really a symbolic peak material experience, but transforming it with sacred evolutionary materialism and seeing that it is the outward path of material evolution that leads to real supermaterial Godhood.

Western science affirmed materialism but in effect destroyed religion and the sacred, but theological materialism transforms, not destroys, the non-material spiritual God by affirming ascending levels of material Godhood and sees the spiritual God, as well as the pagan Gods, as preliminary glimpses of the ascending levels of real Godhood reached through material and supermaterial evolution.

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