Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We don't have to fear the future

Utopia's can be impractical or unrealistic schemes of perfection, but dystopia's can be just as unrealistic in seeing only human misery, oppression and disease. I think we can have continued human evolution without Huxley's "Brave new World" of totalitarianism. Marx and Hitler are not the future if we understand and affirm real human nature and its political implications.

Equality has to be a suspicious concept if not defined as distinctly different groups and states having an equal chance to evolve, ideally with aid from strictly objective international research centers regarding human evolution. Group-selection and ethnic selection remain the central unit of survival and reproductive success, and are deeply contained within real human nature, even if the prevailing cultural Marxism blocks this knowledge. 

Human evolution in the past took place within an ethnopluralism of ethnostates in harmony with real human nature, and can again. Federalism and subsidiarity can protect the whole, in nations and even in democratic republics. If we want to continue evolving toward real Godhood some things have to be preferred to other things, in that sense we have to "discriminate." But that does not require a Brave New World of totalitarianism, it requires an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

As to the wisdom of conservatism, in America we can conservatively retain the constitutional separation of powers and states updated to an ethnopluralism of regions and states, to better harmonize with real human nature, and better provide for our material evolution toward Godhood.

Let's see a few novels on this future, more realistic than the utopian/dystopian novels we have seen so far.

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