Friday, April 28, 2017

The sacred goal

Schopenhauer thought the will was not designed for purposeless imagination but the intellect was. I disagree with the direction of that valuation. The will (highest instincts) supersedes the definition of the so-called spirit, and activates all life including the intellect and imagination, that is, brain, body, and all the elements of life, including mathematical perception and artistic imagination. The question is why? The material will activates material life to evolve toward supermaterial Godhood, that is the goal.

Schopenhauer was wrong in thinking that the intellect needs to free itself from the will to see objectively. The religious mystics made the same metaphysical error. The intellect is a tool of the will (which I once called the Super-Id) and rides along with the will as the will struggles to harmonize with outside natural evolution in the quest of life to evolve toward Godhood. Human culture then needs to harmonize with that sacred goal, it is even written deeply within human nature, and within the workings of the cosmos.

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