Saturday, April 22, 2017

A columnist emasculates her son

A recent Time magazine columnist featured a mother emasculating her son in the process of emotionally praising his graduation from college. This is the same magazine that many years ago featured a mostly positive article on sociobiology and the biological origin of much of social behavior. The mag now has a feminist editor who has increased its downward trend toward cultural Marxism, which fewer and fewer people read.

The columnist tells us about the time her "skinny" son sat crying because he lost his school supplies the day before his first day at middle school. Or how he would crawl into her bed and say "let's hold hands." Then she sentimentally recalls how she taught her son to water a plant, write a thank-you note, and iron a shirt. Did she not have even a twinge that she was emasculating her son? Or has her feminism gone so far as to believe that it is only moral to emasculate your sons? Unfortunately she seems to be a typical modern single parent---if she has a husband he does not appear to be much involved with his son, or his wife.

She tells us, and of course her son, that she hopes he will never die for his country. I think of those Spartan mothers who told their sons to come home victorious or come home dead on their shields. And I think of how all failing empires end up hiring mercenaries to protect a population too emasculated to protect themselves. We do it now, hiring super-masculine SEALs etc. The bitter irony is that modern liberal feminists secretly find the mercenaries sexier than their husbands and sons, who they have emasculated.

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