Saturday, April 15, 2017

Religiously overcoming the negative bias in religion

There is a large negative bias in religion and philosophy right up to the time of Schopenhauer and beyond, where suffering is thought to be more powerful than happiness. This metaphysical error resulted in advocating the total will-less state, or the desireless state, where both happiness and suffering will vanish, and where supposedly the most "objective " knowledge can be found.

Reality is the opposite, but does not reject religion. Human life is only secondarily activated to be successful in survival and reproduction or happy. We are activated from within to materially evolve toward supermaterial Godhood, defined as the zenith of success at the zenith of evolution. The sooner we fully understand our fate, and the sacred goal of life, the sooner we can work with and not against life itself and the sacred goal of Godhood.

We can even conservatively retain the old negative ascetic view of the inward God or Father as the first glimpse of the real Godhood reached through material evolution in the Outward Path. Even science can join religion.

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