Wednesday, April 12, 2017

So what is to be done after being Trumped?

It appears that even President Trump doesn't know what Trump will do next, but for now he has turned directly against the foreign policy that he constantly demagogued about to get elected. The right, that is, both the bourgeois right and the alt-right, were Trumped. So what is to be done?

The far right is like a general who will not retreat in the face of defeat. And the bourgeois right has accommodated and yielded to the resentment of minorities by allowing cultural Marxism to prevail almost as much as the modern liberals. Trump has accommodated and yielded too, and probably became wealthy in doing so.

Nietzsche thought that resentment drove religious and cultural behavior among minorities, especially if they were once enslaved. We see it in the Jewish people and with the American Blacks. The far right has never really understood that a people who were once enslaved are ever after hypersensitive to any kind of dominance or criticism.

Hateful racial smears against Jews and Blacks by the alt-right plays right into the hands of people who in fact largely control the cultural ethos, including the big media. Shouting about creating another imperial one-race empire never works, the rest of the world gangs up on whoever tries. In any case, all empires devolve back to ethnostates.

The reality is that an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is the realistic way to deal with all racial and ethnic differences, and it has to be constitutional, legal, and without racial hatred or defamation against any racial group. All races deserve their own ethnostate. Good fences make good neighbors because human nature remains primarily group and ethnic selecting, which is the real source of all altruism.

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