Sunday, April 16, 2017

There is no real duality between the subject and object

The great metaphysical error began when the spiritual was separated from the material, which caused all the other false dualities. The religious gurus and then Plato saw God and truth as a non-material Idea and not as a living material object, or objects.

The conceptions of "objectivity" and "subjectivity" grew out of this false duality, with objectivity being seen as a non-material thing superior to subjectivity and the subject.

I would rather just take the old practical non-intellectual definition of object and subject, with the object defined as the thing seen and touched, and the subject as the thing examined by an object.

The subject is in the mind of the object and there is no duality here. Things and Godhood are only secondarily represented by ideas, ideas are not God or things.

The object needs to come out from under the shadow of the subject, not as an airy spiritual nothing but as a real material thing.

Godhood and truth are not a non-material Idea, they are a living object, or objects, evolved to in the material and supermaterial world, as described in theological materialism.

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