Thursday, April 20, 2017

Can irresponsible libertarianism be restrained?

I am thinking here of the libertarianism of billionaire philanthropists, globalism, the Big Media, and the academic world.

Aside from the damage done by globalism to the health and sovereignty of nations, we have billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg giving millions to their preferred causes, and the money is often tax deductible. They can then shape policy far more than the ordinary citizen can. And the policies they pursue are almost always irresponsibly libertarian, which is at bottom nihilistic, amoral, and superindividualistic, with a leaning toward limousine liberalism. Can't you just hear the always unmodulated voice of Gates, or the pipsqueaking of Zuckerberg as they preach to us?

Then their is the influence of the Big Media directing our culture far more than school or religion. Awhile back they promoted the wisdom of Bob Dylan and now it's people like Kanye West, who the kids quote because nothing else is presented to them. Shakespeare and Burke are out. And this stupidity is backed by the the academic world who have rejected Anglo-American classical culture and replaced it with the nihilism and relativism of libertarianism leaning toward cultural Marxism.

Was this cultural destruction purposefully destructive or just plain stupid? It's both. As I say here often, it is not enough to dismantle the "bureaucratic, managerial, corporatist, and globalist state" as real conservatives want to do (and as we thought President Trump would try to do). But assuming these things can be done, what then? We have to allow real human nature to adjust the American constitutional separation of powers and states toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. Real culture will then return for all groups and not merely for billionaire philanthropists, globalism, the Big Media, and the academic world, who have destroyed Western culture.

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