Thursday, April 13, 2017

An age when reality is unreality

It is astounding to see the present power of the enemies of the biological origin of differences in humans: cultural Marxism and feminism come first to mind. Yes, culture is important in human behavior but biology isn't even mentioned.

It is astounding to me how this unreality came to dominate America and the West. It shows that humans are either very stupid or the media and the academic world are very powerful---or both. In Europe it is even illegal to say that there are biological differences between humans!

This means that if we want to bring reality back from the unreality of the West we have to go strongly against the media and the academic world. That is the front to watch to see real change---no movement there, no change.

For a short time it looked like President Trump would go directly against the media and the academic world, but not now. Trump has apparently turned into another person from the Trump who campaigned for president, moving from populist-nationalism back to the global imperialism that ruined the West in the first place (minus some of the evil trade deals)...It's good to see Putin of Russia taken down a bit, he is more imperialist than nationalist and he has always hated the West, but to do so the way Trump did it, by lying to Putin and the world about his political philosophy to get elected was nasty and ignoble---(this assumes he had a discernible political philosophy.)

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