Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One step forward for ruling globalism, on step back for wannabe nationalism

The main competition today is between ruling globalism and wannabe nationalism. That's what  Brexit, Trump and Le pen are about. And that explains why Russia, Iran, Syria and even North Korea are the big enemies: they refuse to bow to the globalists.

But Putin acts like a nationalist and probably dreams of imperialism (his intellectuals like Dugin do). Iran wants worldwide Islam, and North Korea has the old Communist world utopia in mind, so they aren't real nationalists. President Trump has been openly morphing from a nationalist into a globalist, but giving symbolic nods to try to retain the nationalists who elected him.

To those of us (few) who see populist nationalism as but the first step toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates---in harmony with the constitutional separation of powers and states----these are steps backward. Is this best we can expect? It seems so---but the competition will continue. We do have real human nature on our side which instinctively and rationally seeks nationalism, ethnostates, and localism.

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