Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump's amazing new level of chutzpah

It's almost unbelievable to see how the corrupt liberal media loves Trump now as he bombs away. The paleoconservatism, nationalism, and populism of his friend Steve Banner---as well as the people who elected Trump---have been backhanded and we return to the global imperialism that ruined America and the West in the first place. Has such an open betrayal of friend and country ever been before? Even Trump's huckster buddies in New York City must be amazed.

But paleoconservatism never carried things deep enough anyway. Paleoconservatives, as well as Trump and his buddies, don't have the balls to see or say that we require an ethnopluralism of ethnostates in America, which can harmonize with the constitutional separation of powers and states. We can trade with the world as long as the world doesn't mess with us. We can protect the whole with an unbeatable military. That is the way paleoconservatism, nationalism, and populism will actually work along with real human nature over the long term.

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