Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why a new religious Mass of the Twofold Path is required

It is, of course, the ascetically negative way to describe it, but the experience of the God Within or the Father Within of Christ and Buddha requires the “death of life,” that is, all the desires of the flesh and the material world need to be blocked or dissipated to experience the real bliss of the God Within. This goal of the God Within defines the basic origin of Christian and Buddhist values and morals, which were later dumbed down by religious philosophers to make the extreme life of asceticism more palatable to the public. The Vedic thinkers had perhaps the best solution in declaring stages of human life allowing survival and reproduction but advocating asceticism at the end of life.

The God Within is not real Godhood, it is the first historical glimpse or experience of what Godhood may be like when life evolves in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. There seems to be an endless evolution of improvements in beauty, truth, power and goodness, with many starts and stops along the way. But this does not lead to the rejection of the Inward Path of the great religions, it describes the transformations of the Twofold Path, the involutionary and evolutionary paths, described in theological materialism, which includes both paths and both philosophical naturalism and religious theology.

The charge of megalomania is not enough to stop the call for a new religious Mass, which is required to affirm the Twofold Path, patterned after the traditional Mass in the conservative way of including the best of the past in the present and future, to help bond and give solace over the long term evolution of life toward Godhood.

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